Abate 1SG Temephos Larvicide (Mosquito Dengue and Malaria Control)


One of the easiest and most effective ways to control mosquitoes and other insects throughout a community is to treat standing water with a larvicide, such as Abate from BASF. In particular local situations, larviciding may greatly enhance the effectiveness of other disease control methods. Abate is based on the active ingredient temephos and is the original and most trusted temephos larvicide. In fact, BASF’s own research and development brought this important active ingredient to market. The World Health Organization approvals for temephos are all based upon studies done with Abate.

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Effectively combating mosquitoes and insect pests before they reach maturity, Abate® larval control products
have provided superior performance in the fight against malaria, dengue fever, Guinea worm and other
insect-borne diseases for over 40 years.