Aqua K-Othrine | Deltamethrin | Mosquito Dengue | Malaria Control | Fly Control – 1 liter




» Minimize dengue transmission 

»Rapid knockdown of mosquitoes 

»Anti-evaporate formulation maintaining droplet size in effective spectrum 

»Evaluated and approved by WHOPES 

»Suitable for use in wide variety of situation

Aqua K-Othrine  is a space spray concentrate containing 2% deltamethrin, which will effectively flush mosquitoes out of their hiding places and kill through direct contact at extremely low dose (0.5-1.0g/ha of active ingredient). It is developed with Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology (FFAST). This technology allows the use of water as diluents without the drawbacks of evaporation. Aqua K-Othrine provides longer-lasting spray cloud that is more effective in reducing adult mosquito populations. It is as effective as oil diluted space spray concentrates but without the oil and the cost.

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