Aqua Resigen (1 Liter)


Aqua Resigen® is an environmentally-sensitive solution for flying insect pest and vector-borne disease control

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Active ingredient: S-bioallethrin (pure) 1.4 g/L; Permethrin (pure 25:75, public health grade) 102.6 g/L; Piperonyl Butoxide (pure) 97.9 g/L.

Aqua Resigen® uses the FFAST technology developed by Bayer to enhance the performance of space sprays when diluted with water.

The fine droplets of the Aqua Resigen® solution do not quickly evaporate, thereby increasing the chances of the droplets contacting with the adult mosquitoes or flies.

Dilution in water brings no visible fog, no smell and does not leave staining residues.

Environmentally-sensitive option for mosquito and fly control.

Easy to apply compared to oil-based diluents.

Contains a knockdown agent and PBO to slow the development of resistance.