ARIMITSU 2600W ULV Cold Fogger, Disinfecting Misting Machine, Cold Fogging



High speed rotary atomizer (more than 10,000rpm)Moving atomizer part Ultra-fine chemical particles Minimized chemical consumption Maximized pest or diseases control effect Independent air and chemical control valve Disinfection against common bacteria and viruses It can dispense a sterilizing chemicals in mist type which kills all kinds of harmful insects such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, including viruses and germs in warehouses, parks, campgrounds, pig houses, roads and apartment complexes

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Material: Plastic

Voltage: 110/220V-60Hz

Tank Capacity: 12L

Color: Gray

Power Source: Electricity

Particle Size: 5-20 microns

Sprayer Type: Ultra Low volume spray

Motor R.P.M: Over 10,000

Spraying Distance: 3.0-18.0m