ARIMITSU 5L-II ULV Cold Fogger, Misting Machine, Cold Fogging


ARIMITSU 5L – II ULV Cold Fogger uses a high-powered universal motor. The rotation of the fan blades generates high-speed rotary cutting air. At the same time, the motor increases the pressure of the solution and send them to the confluences of the well-designed nipple and the high-speed air. The combined effect of high-speed rotary cutting air and the special-structured nipples splits into small fog droplets.

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Motor: 220 V/110V

Flow Container Capacity: 7L

Effective range: 8-10nneters (calm situation) Atomization

Volume: 470m1/min(adjustable)

Particle size: 10-150pm(adjustable)

Dimension(mm): 590mm*230mm*320mm

Shell Material: Anti-corrosion and High-strength plastics

Sprayer Material: Anti-corrosion and High-strength plastics

Flow Container material: Anti-corrosion and High-strength plastics

Power: 1.35 W N./G.Weight: 1 2.61/3.78Kg

Charger: SD Intelligent battery charger

Radiation range: 100-200Square meter