ARIMITSU PIONEER Battery Operated ULV Cold Fogger, Disinfecting Misting Machine, Cold Fogging


Knapspack Cordless Battery-Powered ULV COld Fogger

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Pioneer work on Li-on Battery can be charged from electric oulet, make spraying convenient.

Living: Apartement complexes, hotels

Public Places: Schools, parks, camp-grounds, shopping centers, restaurant,

Industrial: Warehouses, factories, food-processing plants.

Livestock Dinisfection: Cattle barns, swine/poultry houses, grain mills.

Agriculture: Greenhouse


Electrical Motor: 450W, 24V
Particle Size: 5-50um (adjustable)
Flow Rate: 0-18 l/h, adjustable
Tank Capacity: 5L / 1.3 Gal
Dimensions: L49 x W26 x H53cm
Net Weigh:t (empty) 12.9 kg
Packing Dimensions: L52 x W29 x H56cm
Gross Weigh: 14.3kg