ARIMITSU ULTRASONIC 3KG/HR Ultrasonic Green Disinfecting Misting Machine


Our ultrasonic humidifiers are controlled automatically

You can set the RH to be 80% for example. When the humidity reaches 80%, our machine will stop working, when the humidity can not reach 80%, our humidifier will start to work automatically. Manual and auto control are both available
It can be controlled by timer.For example, you can set to turn on the machine at 8:00am and turn off at any given time

Digital humidity controller can be randomly set from 1%-99%.Its control precision reaches ±5%
The fog diameter is
lt is easy to move with 4 universal castors
It is stainless steel body,nice looking and long time service life. One year warranty

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Capacity: 3kg/hr 30°C,80%RH
Air volume: 350m3/h
Certificate: CE
Voltage / Cycle: 220V/50Hz
Power input: 215W
Current: 1.1A
Humidity control: 30%-90%RH
Water inlet: Automatic
Fog outlet: 110mm/1pcs
Drainage method: Direct drainage with pipe
Pipe diameter: 1/2inches
Applied area: 2.6-3m height) 30-50m2
Operating temperature: 0-40°C
Gross Weight: 26kg
Packing size: 69x36x47cm