Armor 8 Nano Spray, Titanium Dioxide + Isopropyl Alchohol (Disinfectant, Sanitizer Spray & Mist, Antivirus, Antibacterial) (250ml)


The magic behind the Armor8® Disinfectant Spray that it uses Japanese Nanotechnology with SmartCoat’s Titanium Dioxide, Isopropyl alcohol with distilled water. Armor8® designed after extreme research and a thorough understanding of the product uses quality, and safety.

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Armor8® – A flagship of SmartCoat- A prime manufacturer of Titanium Dioxide. It is the ultimate go-to product for taking care of you & your surroundings. When it comes to bacteria and germs, it is everywhere, but there are many bacteria available in our body that doesn’t cause any disease; instead, they are helping our body to work precisely.