BAYER INTRIGUE INSECT DUST Termite Bait Control (Termite Baiting System) (1 Kilo)


What is the scheduling of Intrigue?Intrigue is classified in Schedule 5 or Caution’. It contains 80% triflumuron. Triflumuron has oral and dermal LD50s of>5000 mg/kg for rats. What safety equipment is needed to use Intrigue? When using chemicals wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist. Also elbow length rubber gloves and a disposable dust mask shou

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What is Intrigue? Intrigue, developed in Australia by Bayer, is the world’s first termite dust containing a chitin synthesis inhibitor (CSI). Intrigue offers PCOs a welcome alternative to current dust treatments. Intrigue can be used to eradicate treated colonies. However, there may be more than one colony around a house so it is strongly recommended that a Premise soil treatment be applied.