Bayer Intrigue Termite Dust | Triflumuron – 1 kilo



How does Intrigue® Dust work?

Once the dust, dyed blue for identification purposes, is introduced into a Termite Bait or into active termite galleries, it sticks to the moist termite bodies, becomes ingested during preening, is passed to other termites by fluid transfer and further circulated by cannibalism in the colony.

Even very small amounts of Intrigue® will kill thousands of termites, prevent the queen laying viable eggs leading to her assassination and eventually cause the destruction of the colony.

The Termite Bait System ensures that termites are dusted with the minimum of disturbance, minimum loss of humidity, minimum exposure to light, and maximum effectiveness. Our 10 year trials with Intrigue® have proven that just 1-2 grams of Intrigue® will destroy most termite colonies in just 1-2 months.

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Weight 1 kg