Bayonet Molluscicide


I. Brand Name Bayonet 6% pellets
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Metaldehyde
Formulation Pellets 6% ai / kg
Mode of Action Contact and Stomach
Molluscicide Group Acetaldehyde
FPA Category V, Green label
Application rate Broadcast for spot application
option 4 kg / ha full coverage
Packaging 1 kg box
Standard Stocking Unit 1 carton x 12 1kg box

Target Pests / Crops

Rice Golden Apple Snails (Kuhol)
Potted &Driftwood-attached Plants Bush Snails, Giant African Snails, Slugs
Crucifers &Strawberry Slugs and Snails


III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Metaldehyde • Effective
• Persistent
• Target Specific
• Controls snails effectively
• Longer lasting protection
• No adverse effects on
other animals
Pellet form • Easy to apply
• No need for sprayer
• Convenient
• Ideal for spot application
Finer Pellets • More effective coverage
• Can kill smaller targets
• More savings
• More snails killed
Has attractant bait • Attracts snails • Ensures snail control
Multi-Crop • Flexible • Additional control of pests in other crops
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For spot applications, use “Bayonet” – The No. 1 Selling Pellet Molluscicide in the country. Bayonet is easy to apply because it is in pellet form, no need for a sprayer. It is convenient and ideal for broadcast / spot applications.

Bayonet has the finest pellets which means more area is covered and more snails are controlled than othe pellets in the market.

Bayonet’s pellets has a binder which makes it stay in the water for longer efficacy. It also has an attractant bait which ensures effective snail control.

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1kg, 500g