Bilarv Plus 220 SC | Diflubenzuron | Deltamethrin | Fly Control – 1 liter


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Product Description:
Insecticide for the control of flies in poultry houses.

Other Benefits and Features:
It has combined power of two active ingredients reducing the chances of fly survival. Diflubenzuron is of benzoylurea class that acts by inhibiting the production of chitin which is used to build exoskeleton triggering fly larvae to molt early resulting to its death. Deltamethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide that kills insects on contact and through ingestion. It rapidly paralyzes the insect nervous system giving a quick knockdown effect.

Active Ingredients:
Diflubenzuron 200g/L Deltamethrin 20g/L


Mode of Action:
Insect Growth Regulator, Stomach and Contact

Target Pests:
Houseflies in poultry

Application Rate:
5L per 10sqm

Dilution Rate:
2ml per L

Liter (Li)

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Weight 1 kg