Gokilaht-S 5 EC | Cyphenothrin | Pest Control – 1 liter



For Professional Pest Control Operators GokilahtⓇ-S 5EC is an emulsifiable concentrate formulation, which was developed for professional pest control operators to use. Its formula contains a synthetic pyrethroid, GokilahtⓇ-S, an optical isomer of GokilahtⓇ(cyphenothrin). It is remarkably lethal, has a quick knockdown effect and is excellent for flushing out pests in relatively lower concentrations.

Key Features

• WHOPES recommended

• Quick knockdown effect

• High killing effect

• Rapid flushing-effect

• Effective residual effect

• Low toxicity for mammals

Application GokilahtⓇ-S 5EC can be applied using a variety of sprayers such as ULV, thermal fogger, power and knapsack sprayers, etc. The product performs more efficiently than Permethrin 5EC in glass chamber, CSMA direct spray, flushing-out test and residual contact methods.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg