Pesguard Alpha 5FL ESFENVALERATE (Cockroach Control)


Key Features

  • Water-based concentrate
  • For use for public health pest control in the most sensitive areas
  • To be diluted by water to create a ready-to-use spray
  • Lasting residual pest control effects
  • No unpleasant smells and doesn’t cause damage to most surfaces


The product provides long-term protection against crawling insects to most of the surfaces it is sprayed on. Pesguard α 5FL can be diluted and sprayed on surface where pests are known to land, crawl or hide.

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Surface spray concentrate

Pesguard α 5FL is effective against crawling pests. The product is a formula containing the powerful pyrethroid active Esfenvalerate. White and opaque in appearance, it is of a higher concentration than similar products in the market, making Pesguard α 5FL cost effective. Suited for dilution in water it provides a lasting residual effect against pests without damaging surfaces or emitting odors.