Sumitomo Chemical Pesguard Gel 30grams


Rate of application

Pesguard® Gel should be applied as a number of spots of approximately
4mm diameter, each spot comprising approximately 0.032g of bait.
In cases of severe infestation, where larger cockroaches are present,
in areas that are particularly dirty or cluttered or where alternative sources
of food cannot be entirely eliminated, the higher application rate should
be used.


The dual mode of action makes Pesguard® Gel an ideal tool for use in resistance management
programs, especially where previous control efforts have relied on a single mode of action bait.
Most baits operate on the ‘attract and kill’ basis, but Pesguard® Gel offers a new paradigm for
pest control operators, with its unique triple action;

• Highly attractive
An exceptionally palatable and attractive bait matrix ensures optimal feeding.

• Fast action
Clothianidin, is a high-potency, non-repellent insecticide which delivers a fast kill for cockroaches.

• Extended control
Pyriproxyfen is a most effective growth regulator, preventing development to adult stages and sterility in adult females – suppressing the cockroach population and inhibiting a classic re-invasion scenario.