Pyanchor 5EC Herbicide


–  Field  must be drained  off water  but  has  sufficient   moisture  . If the field has water,  must drain it out , let  stems and leaves be  dry  about 20 minutes then spray . After spray  1-3 days , irrigate  field  about 2/3 the height  of rice plant  and   retain  water constantly  as  many days as possible, 4-5 days at least, can be combined with   the first top dressing   for rice plant .

There  is  a lot  of weeds  in the rice field , or  the places  with   densely grown rice that cover weeds , it should brush  nozzle carefully, spray slowly so that  product is  more exposed to the stems and leaves of weeds.

-Product has a  less  effectiveness  in weed  controlling  when the weather is cold . Do not spray when the temperature falls below 16 oC  . Chiem xuan rice  crop  is planted  in the cold weather ( Note :  Chiem xuan crop is called  in dialect in the North , planting  duration occurs yearly  between 10 th  and  20 th/ February  ) ,  usage dose must be increased  from 5ml – 10ml for each tank   compared with  recommended dose

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Pyanchor 5EC herbicide is used to control weeds in the rice field. Produced by LG Life Sciences Korea Company and Saigon Plant Protection Joint Stock Company is  an exclusive distributor in Vietnam and Cambodia.

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1000ml, 500ml, 250ml