Regency 5SC Termiticide | Fipronil | Termite Control – 1 liter



Regency 5SC is an undetectable liquid that termites cannot

  •  See
  •  Smell
  •  Taste
  •  Avoid

No ongoing costs

Regency 5SC can last about 5 years for pre construction and 3 years for post construction, it is safe for your pets and family. The active constituent is Fipronil, which is an ingredient used in Frontline. Fipronil has been used on pets for over 15 years. Regency 5SC is environmentally friendly and will not cause any damage to the microorganisms in your soil, or your plants.

Regency 5SC transfer effect has the ability to destroy termite nests.

Regency 5 SC has very low water solubility. It will stay where it is applied. Once ingested the termite will not die for 24 hours. Hence the nature of termites (contact, grooming and exchange of food) has a transfer effect.

Dilution Rate: 1 liter Regency 5 SC to 83L of water

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Weight 1 kg