Direction for Use:

With 1/2 of the required amount of water to the mixing spray tank, add the required amount Roundup hernecide. Mix well before adding remaining portions of water. Use 1 Liter of Round up for every 50 Liters of Water. Spray unto grass.


Store in original container, tightly closed. * Avoid contamination of any water supply with the chemical. * Avoid contact with the leaves, green stems or fruit of crops or non-target plants during application to prevent injury. * Avoid drift when spraying . * Do not spray during windy conditions when drift is likely to occur.

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Roundup is a water-soluble herbicide applies as foliar spray. It provides complete control of perennial grasses broadleaf weeds and sedges as well as annual weeds on registered crops. Its non-crop uses include reforestation areas and rice levees, drainage ditches, irrigation canals, around fish ponds, field bounderies, roadsides, fence rows, railroad yard and tracks, around buildings, golf courses and memorial parks.

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1000ml, 6×4 Liters