STEDFAST® SC Alphacypermethrin (Soil Poisoning Termiticide, Pre & Post Termite Control) – 500ml


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ong-lasting, effective termite control. A suspension concentrate contact and stomach insecticide for the treatment of soil to protect buildings against subterranean termites that attack wood. Stedfast® SC contains alphacypermethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that acts against the central and peripheral nervous systems, resulting in rapid knockdown and death of treated insects. Stedfast® SC is a contact and stomach insecticide, killing on contact or ingestion.

Benefits FAST – rapid knockdown, kills within 24 hours RELIABLE – effective for up to 10 years DIVERSE – can be used for preventative as well as curative treatment SAFE – Stedfast® SC is odourless and bio-degradable Dosage Before use, carefully read the label on the container, and follow all instructions. 1 Litre Stedfast® SC per 100 Litres of water can provide up to 5 years’ protection. 2 Litres Stedfast® SC per 100 Litres of water can provide up to 10 years’ protection.

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