Sumipro EW Space Spray Concentrate (1 Liter)


Unique water-based formulation remove the use of oil-based diluents such as diesel and helps minimize the environmental impact. It can be applied through ULV, misting or thermal fogging equipment.


SumiPro® EW is the latest innovation in flying insects control, combining the power of a excellent knockdown agent (SumiOne 0.1% w/w), killing agent (Gokilaht-S 6.0 % w/w), synergist piperonyl butoxide(PBO) with Advanced Evaporation Retardant (AER) technology. SumiPre utilizes a proprietary Sumitomo’s formulation and technology that allows stable dilution in water and spray can reach distances of up to 100 metres with minimal water droplet shrinkage via water evaporation — providing better efficacy per application to ensure superior knock-down and kill.