ARIMITSU BW-20SP Thermal Fogging | Misting Machine



PE Solution Tank, Auto Ignition

One metre long ultra short fuselage, flexible. Not only can spray mist, and can spray fog, far range, large spraying quantity, diffuse effect is good, the droplet uniform and meticulous!Suitable for agricultural pest and disease control and prevention; health and epidemic prevention, sterilization and other occasions.


  • Enhanced engine, high efficiency and fuel saving, strong power, large spraying quantity, longer range, the spraying effect is better.
  • Manual start ignition.
  • Precision control oil supply system, a more stable performance.
  • The first easily detachable structure of patent technology, more convenient maintenance repair.
  • The 9 liter PE solution tank, 304 stainless steel fuel tank, durable.
  • Use of lightweight metal heat protective net, good radiation effect, simple and generous.

Areas Scope of application:Pest control in agriculture, food processing or farm disinfection, indoor and outdoor health and epidemic prevention, pest control and other occasions.

Technical Parameters :

Size :1000*280*330 (mm)
Packing size:1000*320*350 (mm)
Fuel consumption:1.3-1.6 litre /h
The spraying dosage:5-40 litre /h
Maximum power:≥17KW
Ignition mode:manual ignition
Safety net: Concise net
Spray smoke fog range:15-30m
Water spray mist range:6-10m
The fog particle diameter:The fog particle diameter less than 30 microns
Solution tank capacity:9.0 litre
Solution tank pressure:0.3-0.4bar
Fuel tank capacity:1.8 litre
Fuel tank pressure:0.12 – 0.15bar
Start power supply:3V 2pcs 1# dry battery
The use of fuel:93# above pure gasoline
Application carrier:0 # diesel or white oil
Application of pharmacy:oily, water-based agent or wettable powder
Net weight::6.0Kg
Gross weight:10.5 Kg

Additional information

Weight 6 kg