ARIMITSU CX-24 Vertical Disinfection Channel


Vertical Disinfection Channel

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Two control mode, manual operation or automatic operation. Applying for LV spraying, diameter of fog droplets is under 100 micron.

Customs, air-port, depot, harbour.


Motor: AC380V/220 (optional)
Rated Power: 2.2KW,(optional)
Rated speed: 2,900.00r/min,(optional)
Fan: High press centrifugal fan
Volume of air flow: >1,000 m3/Minute
Air Pressure: >3,500.000Pa
Atomizing Type: High Speed revolved whirling air system
Nozzle Type: 2groups, 12nozzels
Flow Rate: 300.00L/Minute
Spray Range: Length >6m Width >6m Height >3m
Control BOx: 540 x 400 x 746mm
Fan Box: 740 x 483 x 746mm