PHOSTOXIN | Aluminum Phosphide Tablets – 1 kilo



/ 1 canister

PHOSTOXIN® tablets and pellets are used to protect stored commodities from dam- age by insects. In limited areas, applications of PHOSTOXIN® may be made to con- trol burrowing vertebrate pests. The use of this product is strictly prohibited on single and multi-family residential properties and nursing homes, schools (except athletic fields), daycare facilities and hospitals. For a list of approved sites see Section 26.1. PHOSTOXIN® metal phosphide fumigants are acted upon by atmospheric moisture to produce phosphine gas.

PHOSTOXIN® tablets and pellets contain aluminum phosphide (AlP) as their active ingredient and will liberate phosphine via the following chemical reaction: AlP + 3H2O —> Al(OH)3 + PH3 Phosphine gas is highly toxic to insects, burrowing pests, humans, and other forms of ani- mal life. In addition to its toxic properties, the gas will corrode certain metals and may ignite spontaneously in air at concentrations above its lower flammable limit of 1.8% v/v (18,000 ppm). These hazards will be described in greater detail later on in this Applicator’s Manual. PHOSTOXIN® also contains ammonium carbamate which liberates ammonia and carbon dioxide as follows: NH2C00NH4 —> 2NH3 + CO2 These gases are essentially non-flammable and act as inerting agents to reduce fire hazards. PHOSTOXIN® is prepared in two spherical shapes. The rounded tablets weigh approximately 3 grams and will release 1 gram of phosphine gas. They are about 16mm in diameter. The pellets are about 10 mm in diameter, weigh approximately 0.6 gram and release 0.2 gram of phosphine gas.

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