Resigen EC | S-bioallethrin | Permethrin | Piperonyl Butoxide | Mosquito Dengue | Fly Control, Fogging | Misting – 1 liter



• Easy to apply using a variety of equipment

• Proven performance against adult mosquitoes and flies

• Good for quick knockdown and kill of mosquitoes during disease outbreaks

The Versatile Space Spray for Control of Adult Mosquitoes and Flies. Resigen EC is a versatile space spray that can be diluted with oil or water, although we recommend using Aqua Resigen when diluting with water. It can be applied using thermal fogging, misting, or ULV equipment. It contains a synergised synthetic pyrethroid to provide quick knockdown and effective kill of both mosquitoes and flies. The active ingredient has a minimal hazard profile so it is well suited for use in urban environments. Resigen can be used to rapidly bring down the population of adult mosquitoes, which is particularly important when there is a disease outbreak.

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